boyElements Kids Worship is a large group format Children’s Church Curriculum designed to help kids learn the essential building blocks they need to become spiritual champions for Christ!

This downloadable curriculum gives you 12 months (52 weeks) of biblically based and culturally relevant lessons equipped with easy to use lesson plans, videos, and podcasts to help you partner with parents throughout the week to drive faith home.

All for only $299 year!

Who Is It For?

Although Elements is targeted for grades 2 – 4, it is designed for use with grades K-6. Churches who use Elements for early, middle, and upper elementary Kids Worship find that Elements can easily flex to satisfy the learning stages of all elementary learning levels.

How Do I Use It?

We’ve designed Elements to be packed with the truth of God’s Word, but with a simple laser-like focus on one specific lesson each week. You will teach an Element of the Month for each unit. The EOM is drawn from the family themes in D6 Curriculum and will help kids develop a biblical worldview and grow to be spiritual champions! Each Element is taught for a month with a weekly focus on the Big Idea of the Day. The Big Idea will approach the Element of the Month from a slightly different direction each week, so even kids who only attend twice a month can still receive effective, powerful, and memorable teaching on the Element of the Month.

How Does It Work?

One thing you’ll love is that Elements is completely downloadable! You simply download the month and print the lesson, as many times as you’d like. No more worries about lost teachers’ books! In addition to step-by-step lesson materials, you’ll also find downloads created to connect kids to the lessons with parents and home life.