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D6 Curriculum connects church and home!

Classroom learning is not about teaching lessonsÖitís about transforming lives. With D6 Curriculum, classroom learning is easy and effective with the use of the CLEAR Learning Systemô. CLEAR is the most effective way to teach the Bible because itís build around the natural learning process of students.

According to D6 (Deuteronomy 6:5-7), the entire process of spiritual formation does not stop at the church experience. Godís plan for families is that dads, moms, and grandparents are the primary spiritual leaders in the lives of their students. For this very reason, D6 Curriculum equips families with devotional magazines and other resources that help you partner with parents to build spiritual champions together. D6 Curriculum is more than a Sunday morning experienceÖ Itís a life curriculum that connects church and home.

Many times the most brilliant and remarkable things in life are simple.

Our drive for effectiveness and simplicity is what led us to develop D6 Curriculum for small group learning at church and spiritual discipleship at home. With D6 Curriculum, the entire family studies the same Bible theme at the same time.